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A guide to stxx

Build from Source (Optional)

If you downloaded a stxx release package, it is not necessary to build stxx from source, however it is possible. If you obtained stxx from CVS, you must build the stxx binary.

To build stxx, you must have Apache's Ant installed on your system and its executable script in the classpath. To compile both the stxx jar and the example web applications for Struts 1.0 and Struts 1.0, execute ant dist_web (UNIX) or build.bat dist_web (Windows). Other commonly-used ant targets are:

  • dist_jar - Builds the stxx jar
  • javadoc - Creates the Javadocs for stxx.
  • clean - Cleans out compiled classes and backup files.
  • compile - Compiles the stxx code.
  • release - Creates the three stxx release packages.

by Don Brown