Package com.oroad.stxx.util

Utility classes to support stxx.


Interface Summary
Selector Chooses something
XMLConsumer This conviently combines the content and lexical handler interfaces.

Class Summary
AbstractSAXFilter This class provides a bridge class to connect to existing content handlers and lexical handlers.
AbstractSAXTransformer Derived from Apache Cocoon: This class is the basis for all transformers.
AvalonLogger Wraps commons-logging as an Avalon Logger for cases that don't support commons-logging (ie FOP).
Base64 This class provides encode/decode for RFC 2045 Base64 as defined by RFC 2045, N.
CSV Parse comma-separated values (CSV), a common Windows file format.
DOMFactory A JXPath AbstractFactory that creates DOM elements.
JDOMFactory A JXPath AbstractFactory that creates JDOM elements.
MessageFilter This filter uses Perl5 regular expressions to filter out irrelevant application resource elements.
NoDocumentFilter Swallows the document events during an export of a JDOM document.
PropertyMessageResources Extends MessageResources for Struts 1.0
PropertyMessageResourcesFactory The factory for stxx message resources
RequestAttributeSelector Tries to match the passed value with a given request attribute
StxxProperties Extends java.util.Properties to provide easier access methods and public static key constants.
UserAgentRegexpSelector Tries to match based on the configured browser types, using regular expressions Based on UserAgentSelector
UserAgentSelector Tries to match based on the configured browser types
WildcardHelper This class is an utility class that perform wilcard-patterns matching and isolation.
XMLConsumerWrapper This wraps existing content and lexical handlers.

Package com.oroad.stxx.util Description

Utility classes to support stxx.