Package com.oroad.stxx.xform

Interface Summary
Encoder Encodes and decodes information to and from Strings
XMLForm A form that uses XML to store information.

Class Summary
AbstractXMLForm Abstract XMLForm that implements all methods not involving the actual XML library used to store the form.
DOMForm A form that uses W3C DOM to store the form data
EncoderFactory Factory to hide implementation of Encoder
JDOMForm A form that uses JDOM to store the form information
XMLFormFilter This filter performs additional transformations to xmlforms like internationalization and optionally the encoding of viewstate
XMLFormHandler Loads and populates xml forms.
XMLFormService Exposes XML forms as a message-style SOAP web service.
ZipEncoder Encodes and decodes information to and from base64-encoded Strings using zip compression

Exception Summary
XMLException Exception to be thrown if there are any exceptions in XMLForm-related classes.