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XML Forms

Advanced configuration


An XML form is a reusable implementation of a Struts ActionForm that uses XML to model the form data rather than a JavaBean or dynabean. Stxx automatically populates the XML's attributes and text nodes from the HTTP request and can validate the XML using pluggable validation implementations, defaulting to Schematron. XML forms can be integrated with's implementation of XForms, and optionally use a "view state" mechanism (similiar to ASP.NET) where the form state is saved to a hidden variable in the form. Furthermore, XML forms have no dependencies on Struts or Servlet API's so they can be reused in a message-style SOAP web service, for example, simultaneously.

There are two types of XML forms stxx provides:

XML form types
Name Description
com.oroad.stxx.xform.DOMForm Uses W3C's DOM as the xml model
com.oroad.stxx.xform.JDOMForm Uses JDOM as the xml model

XML form support requires XMLForm, Jakarta Common's JXPath, and Struts 1.1 or later.

by Don Brown